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Naturon Amla Hair Oil

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How to Use Naturon Amla Oil on Hair?
Naturon Amla oil is often applied after shampooing hair and used in place of a conditioning product. When used in this manner, Naturon Amla oil is typically massaged to the strands so that it completely covers hair (from the roots to its tips). It can be covered with shower cap. After sitting for 15 minutes or more, the Naturon Amla oil is then thoroughly rinsed from the hair with warm water.

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Naturon Amla oil is a natural substance often used to promote hair health. Some people also use Amla oil to fight hair loss and retard prematurely graying hair. When used as a hair treatment, Naturon Amla oil is typically applied directly to the scalp.

Why do the people Use Naturon Amla for Hair Health?
Sourced from Indian gooseberry (Emblica Offcinalis a tree native to India), Amla oil has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine. Featuring a number of essential fatty acids, Naturon Amla Oil is thought to strengthen the hair follicles and condition the hair. Proponents also claim that Amla oilcan help treat dry, itchy scalp.
Traditionally, Naturon Amla Oil is made by immersing dried Amla fruit in oil. Typically, coconut oil, mineral oil, or sesame oil is used as the base oil. After a few days of soaking, the fruit are removed and the oil is filtered and purified.
Besides essential fatty acids, Amla fruit are high in vitamin C, flavonoids, polyphenols, and also contain water, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
Although Naturon Amla oil has a long history of use as a hair treatment, there is very little scientific evidence for its effectiveness as a treatment for hair loss, prematurely graying hair, or scalp-relatedhealth problems.


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