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Satismax 50mg is nothing but Sildenafil Citrate tablets, These Male Enhancement Pills  designed to help in suffering from erectile dysfunction. The ingredients in it are used to revitalize and to revive a Love life by providing the male a capability to obtain a rock hard erection. In this Satismax(Male Enhancement Pills) contain 4 tablets in a single strip it will increase your performance take a pill before one hour for better result.

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Working the phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (anti-erectile dysfunction), resulting a faster and stronger blood flow through the males genital area leaving him with a harder erection for longer. Satismax is a Male Enhancement Eills that is designed to be taken orally.1 strip contain 4 tablets.

Satismax is a 50MG Sildenafil Tablet

Working the phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (anti-erectile dysfunction), resulting a faster and stronger blood flow through the males genital area leaving him with a harder erection for longer. Satismax is a Penis Enlargement Tablet that is designed to be taken orally.

Recommended Dosages For Satismax

The correct dosage of Satismax tablets should be discussed with a qualified doctor who is in possession of the patient’s full medical history but as a general guide to treat Erectile Dysfunction patients are often advised to start with 50mg per day taken preferably one hour before sexual contact.

Satismax acts quickly and will generally reach its maximum effect between thirty minutes and two hours after being administered, although the norm is after one hour. Depending on the individual’s reaction to Satismax and its effectiveness in treating erectile dysfunction, when consulted, doctors may advise that the dosage be increased by 25mg per day until it is effective in treating ED or the maximum recommended dose of 100mg per day is reached.

How safe is Satismax ?

Many people who take Satismax experience no adverse effects, but in clinical trials the most common side effects reported were; headaches, flushing, nasal congestion anddyspepsia (indigestion).

A number of users reported some impaired vision, such as loss of peripheral vision, blue tinting and light sensitivity (photophobia). If the common side effects are felt headaches can be treated with suitable pain killers and the other common adverse effects should pass within four hours, if they don’t then patients should seek medical advice.

In some patients more serious adverse effects have been reported that include sudden hearing loss, heart attack and stroke and priapism which is where the erect penis does not return to its flaccid state and can be a very serious and painful condition. If any of the more serious effects occur, patients should discontinue their use of Satismax and seek immediate medical attention.

Does Satismax Work ?

Satismax can last from around 2 to 4 hours with just one tablet however some customers have experienced results for more than 6 hours and majority agree that satismax is as effective just like the original Viagra® at the fraction of its price.

How To Take Satismax ?

Take Satismax around 30 minutes before any bed time activity and remember to take with a glass of still water and not on an empty stomach. The active ingredient for Satismax is known as; Sildenafil Citrate, which is recommended for ED.

Because of the risks associated to sildenafil citrate Satismax should only be taken after consulting with a trained physician as there are a number of medical conditions where using Satismax would not be advised or where a lower dose might be recommended.

Satismax 50 mg tablets are very safe to use with problems such as ED other known as Erectile Dysfunction. Satismax tablets contain the same active ingredient as Viagra® “Sildenafil Citrate”.

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    I tried this tablet first time in my life its so good thank you satismax .

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